Sign Permit Application – City of Calgary

I know that applying for a permit can be quite overwhelming –

Though you can ask us to help you with this task, you can do it yourself.
Here are some tips that will give you a hand.  Please note that this blog is to help guide you though the process, but probably won’t eliminate all bumps along the way.
Some resources can be found on our resource page.  LINK
1. Print out the “Development Permit Complete Application Requirement List” “Facia Signs”
note: Rooftop signs require a different form
2. Obtain your “Land Title Certificate”  on here should indicate your “legal” address which will look like
Plan 2222JK
Block 1
Lots 1-2 Inclusive
This information along with project name, contact name and contact information should be on all plans.  It is acceptable to be neatly hand written in the corner of these documents
3. Required Items
1. Photocopy of Certificate of Title.  That was easy.  We can check one item off.  There is a certain gratification to checking these items off.
2. Letter of authorization from the registered owner of the land.  Make note that this can not be from the tenant management  unless it is accompanied by another letter giving the management company authorization from the registered owner of the land.
3. Color photographs of the site.  Have a measurement line that goes from the ground to the bottom of the sign.  Include all  dimensions of the signage that is being put up.  Most of this can be written over top of your photographs with pen or marker, but ensure that it is neat.
4. Fee Schedule: Print it out and include it.  Thats easy.  I have been told that it is more to educate the person applying for the permit if they are unsure of pricing.  Then it is easily available for the your permit advisor to go over it with you.
5. This is information that you would obtain from your sign company that would show layout of the sign, dimensions, materials used, electrical, and tools used to anchor install your signs.
6. This site plan you may have gotten when  purchased the property.  Take a photocopy,outline the building in question, where the sign is located. (accurate sizing) One thing they are mainly looking for is the distance from your new sign to the end of the property or any municipal item such as power lines, etc.     If you don’t have this site map, you can make your own.  Use google maps, but do not use a satellite image.  Then draw in all needed components as listed.  ex. the building, utility poles, pathways, etc
7.Sign Drawings you would get this from your sign shop but often as a extra fee.  This will show the sign super imposed onto the building.
8. Elevation Drawings: Note that photographs will not be accepted, but you could use a photograph to help trace the building.  Graph paper works great as keeping everything to scale is key.  Use a ruler and keep it neat.
Last form to fill out is the Facia Sign Information Form: This form is short and pretty straight forward.
Now you can submit this to the City of Calgary and review your work with an agent.  I have found them to be quite accommodating and willing to educate.  If you don’t have all thats needed, I have found they give clear guidance and direction and sometimes even save a place for you in line.

Best times to go is first thing in the morning.  You can now also book an appointment online.


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