Recycling Is Our Policy, At Work and At Home

Here is Roberto and his son with their collection of empty ink cartridges.  In the past these were taken to one of Calgary’s hazard waste disposal location, (where one might take empty paint cans and oils) but after some pressure, Roland has finally set up their own recycling program to make better use of the cartridges. Empty cartridges are now collected and shipped to Vancouver, at a cost of approx. $40 per shipping.  Well worth the example to our young ones.
Here Mark and Roberto are emptying the waste ink reservoir on the wide format printer. It is collected in larger jug and taken to a fire station with a waste management unit once a year.  This is one activity that Roberto was shocked and upset to hear that it is common practice for signs and graphic companies to just dump it down the drain.  “We are not that kind of company” he had responded.
We receive product on a regular basis that is packaged in cardboard.  Weather it be cardboard, papers, plastic, etc. we do our very best to dispose of it in a green manner.
Mark O. is known of taking boxes with him, stuffing his car full and recycling with his personal recycling.
Sometimes we head over to the home depot parking lot and fill those green bins.