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Cover those blank walls with something awesome!  Our durable — yet easily removable — vinyl wall murals make a huge impact on your customers!  We can print wall murals to almost any size, whether you want to cover a small retail display or a huge warehouse wall.


  • Wall Decals & Text

    Wall decals and text: Wall decals are one of the biggest trends right now. We have two ways of creating these decals out of our vinyl – either printed or cut.

  • Wall Murals

    We offer three types of material for our wall murals – Scotchcal vinyl, IJ35 or Avery Vinyl. The IJ35 is typically used if the mural is going to be longer – lasting or permanent. Avery Vinyl is used for murals that are only temporary, for example a seasonal wall decoration. Scotchcal vinyl is able to conform to textured surfaces, either flat or curved. This is typically used on concrete block, brick, industrial stucco and tile.

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