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Custom Motorcycle Decals and Wraps

Being motorcycle enthusiasts we enjoy when a customer walks into our shop and asks for us to make their bike look AWESOME!

We can add simple decals to your motorcycle to make it look like a sponsored bike or a full wrapped sponsored bike like a Red Bull Motorcycle racer bike.   We have the ability to custom print any graphic design you would like to see on your bike. Come check out our  pre-patterned / textured vinyl such and matte, carbon-fibre, brushed metallic and many more.  Check out 3M solutions website for a list with images, see our Specialty Wrap page, or come by and see our samples.

Because the lack of surface area on a bike, unlike a bus, we must insure we design your graphics in a manner that will get the proper visual effect while avoiding pipes, frames, and vents.  

motorcycle-full-wraps-racing-calgary Often our clients are restoring / building their motorcycle project, which means gas tanks, fenders are off and can be brought to our shop separately.  We can wrap and apply the custom motorcycle decals while you work on your bike.  Then at the end we can bring it all together.  We often use 3m IJ180 or 3m IJ380, this allows us to work with complex contours and curves.  This means it will stretch smoothly, will resemble a professional paint job, and will not lift, crack or fail prematurely.

Matte Black Motorcycle Wrap

Carbon Fibre wrapped pieces or Matte Black vinyl films can give you that super bike look without the super high cost of actual carbon fibre.  

We wrap and decal all motorcycle types: Harley Davidson, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Buell, and many more!

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