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Big Benefits From Fleet Graphic Marketing

calgary-cargo-van-graphicsExpand your brand and lower your advertising costs.  How to make the biggest impact to your market is though vehicle advertising / fleet graphics.  Fleet graphics gain exposure to massive audience, it makes your presence know and builds a credibility among your community.  Your company may already have many cars, trucks and vans that are driving around the city without and graphics, completely under the radar and blending into the sea of traffic.  This is a gigantic opportunity to stand out and let your presence known.

To understand the real value of fleet graphics, we can compare to the type of exposure a billboard will retain.  Thousands of impressions a day at approx average cost of $2000 per month.  Consider your cars, trucks and van graphics achieving the same result, but for the same price you can transform your vehicle into that billboard.  It will achieve the same impact or more.  By driving in the community you serve, you advertise to your target market.  And the more impressive the graphics are, the more your potential client has to talk about.all

Now that is the potential, but it doesn’t happen without the right design, the right vinyl media, and the right installer.  That’s why we are here.  We understand this importance, so we create the right design that are bright, bold and beautiful, we use the right vinyl media that gives high resolution and excellent strength, and we install it right, so that great art work stays on your fleet.

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