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Applying graphics, logos, company information such as website, phone number you your company car-van-truck is a great way to tell people who you are, what you do and how to contact you, thus, growing your business.  Window graphics have a lot of advantages over other areas of your vehicle.

It is usually higher up on the vehicle than the bottom doors making it eye level.

On the rear window, you can add slightly more information because it can be retained since often you may be stuck in Calgary’s traffic with someone behind you with nothing to do but read and take down your info.

If we are coving the entire window with perforated vinyl film / view thru graphics it can act a shade and privacy so that passbyers see your graphics, not the valuable you may have on the back seat.

Truck window Decal calgaryRegular Printed or Di-Cut Window Decals

Often the drivers want to be able to see out the windows, so covering the entire window with a non view-thru material is not a option.  But Letters and logo shapes allow a lot of visibility through the windows.  The eyes focus on the area it is looking at and strangely enough, the decals are hardly noticed.  Within reason.

Letters and logos that are di-cut  will allow you to see around letters and shapes as well as through the “O”s,” P”s, “R”s, etc.

From experience we will guide you to choose colours like white as windows have a naturally dark appearance and dark vinyls don’t have the contrast and visibility as lighter colours would have.  There are tricks around this such as placing a white outline around a dark blue text.  This will give the contrast needed to ensure your logos and vinyl letters don’t disappear.  We will help you with choosing the right method for your car and requirements.

Perforated Window Graphics / View Thru Vinyl / Window PerfRear Perf Window graphics

When we print on perforated vinyl to apply to windows, it can be referred to with other names and abbreviations, but in the end it means we print your amazing quality images that your audience will see but when you look from the inside out, you see out as if there was nothing on your windows.

Why choose us?  We do it right!

  1. Several years ago we were approached by a supplier to start using a different brand of vinyl for our perf window applications.  We were told it was just as reliable and many sign shops in Calgary were using it.  So we gave it a go.  But we found that within  a month or 2 this vinyl was failing a lot quicker than it’s 3M perforated vinyl counterpart.  So we called all of our customers that we had installed this material on and exchanged it for them at no cost.  We like to stand behind our work with honesty, integrity, what is best for our customer, and keeping in mind how we would like to be served in their shoes.
  2. We laminate.  Lamination is a film that is applied overtop of prints to give further protection to the images from UV fading and abrasions.   There is a particular lamination used for perforated vinyl and it is quite a bit more costly than the lamination used for other vinyl materials.  So to keep costs low, many companies quote perf window graphics without lamination giving them visually low prices.  Unless the graphic is to be used short term, (couple weeks) we don’t recommend this.  It will only cause you grief.  The right laminate that we use will allow you to see through it like glass, (optically clear laminate), and will not look blurry which could be a safety concern.  And if you have any mud, snow, salt on your windows, you can squeegee them clean using the gas station squeegees and be able to see again.
  3. We seal the edges with a black vinyl stripe.  Unlike other companies that may not do any sealing at all which would cause your vinyl to fail before it should or some companies that use a clear or liquid sealer that goops or turns yellow after some time in the sun; we trim back your graphics and then apply the black vinyl sealer that looks good on day one and after many days in the sun.  We do it the way 3M courses have trained us to do it .  Making it last as long as possible.

Beware; Problems with not laminating or using wrong lamination:

  1. Graphics will fade quickly with no lamination
  2. Dirt and debris will collect in the perforated holes which is difficult to clean out making is dangerously difficult to see out your window
  3. Graphics will peal off your car windows prematurely if the wrong laminate is matched with the wrong perforated vinyl
  4. Visually, your sight might be quite blurry if looking through the window if the wrong lamination was used.  Again could be dangerous if you need to see out that window.



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Rear Window View Thru Perforated Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle Rear Window

Its all about using the right material.  We use no compromise 3M 50/50 Vinyl Film Perf vinyl.   This can handle the abuse that of the elements that your car truck and van will put your graphics through.  And complex window curves are no problem.  You won't be disappointed!

Truck Rear Window (Single Pane)

Truck rear windows get a bit of a break, installation is quicker and easier and the savings get past along to you;  But we still use no compromise 3M 50/50 Vinyl Film Perf vinyl.  You won't be disappointed!