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Dream Image Signs prints custom car magnets aka magnet decals for quick on /off advertising on cars, trucks, and vans for personal and business purposes.  We also do things different, like the simple things of cut curving the corners to reduce the chance of wind lift and loss of your magnet sign from your car.  For leased vehicles there is no cost to remove magnetic signs at the end of the lease.

Car Door Magnets

Lemon-Made-Design-Magnet-Door-SignsOur Car Magnets are printed on 3M Brand Vinyl in full colour to reflect your business in the way it should.  Transform your car into a brand in just seconds then back again.

Inquire about our quantity discounts, you will be able to print as many signs as your company / employees need.

Truck Door Magnets

Truck doors are usually larger than  other vehicles so getting a larger sign optimizes your trucks advertising real estate.

Van Door or Side Panel Magnets

Dream Image Signs prints oversized magnet signs for those really large areas on the sides of cargo vans.  24″x48″.  Take advantage of the large advertising space on the sides of those vans and you will be noticed everywhere.

Car Magnet Maintenance

  1. To help your magnet last, especially in Calgary’s climate, there are a few tricks.
  2. We do the first one, we curve cut the corners to reduce the chance of lift when speeding down the highway.
  3. Ensure you clean the surface of the car where the magnets lay, and the underside of the magnets themselves.  This ensures a closer magnetic bond with the magnet sign and your car.
  4. Remove in cold weather, cold temperatures will stiffen the magnetic material reducing the ability for the sign to hold to the vehicle’s curve.  This can cause a lift in the sign edge where wind can lift and pull off the sign from your car, truck, or van.

Special Thanks to Lemon Made Designs for taking the photo of our sign for us.

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24″wide X 12″ tall


24″wide X 18″tall


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