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RV Pin Striping / Camper Wraps

Pin Striping / Swooshes

RV Graphics and Pin Striping have there place.  Often original decals become faded, cracked, and peeling from weather, sun, rain, etc.

Usually the best way to do these is to do all stripes at the same time.  Because of UV fading it is difficult to match up colours because if you were to compare vinyl sitting in the sun for 1, 2, 3 years compared to brand new out of the box, there will always be colour differenced when comparing vinyl decals.

On thing to also keep in mind is that when the old decal is removed, RV and campers are notorious for having sun fading  on the paint itself.  When we design and cut out the new vinyl, we print them larger than the original of overlap and cover and fading that might be visable.

Camper / RV Wraps

Camper Wrap

Wraps on your camper can completely transform your camper from old and wrecked to eye popping.  The small camper with the graphics “through the trees” is my own camper.  Before the wrap it looked pretty bad, and after I have complements all the way to the campsite.  From filling up gas and sparking up a conversation to thumbs ups on the highway.

Camper RV Wrap

A few things to think about and will be our first question is “Is the sides of your trailer, camper, RV flat or do they have wave panels, rivets, many windows.

Why? This will determine the type of vinyl we would use.  If it is wavy like the one here in the photo with the black and white trees, we would use a cast vinyl, meaning a vinyl that has stretchability.  This will insure when tucking it into the groves, it will not lift up on you.  If the side panels are flat, we can use a non-stretchable vinyl.  Perhaps we cut out any rivets if there are any.  This will ensure a long lasting, beautiful wrap.

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