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Sandwich Boards, A-Frames, Tent Signs, Sidewalk Signs

Sandwich board Signs are an effective flexible solution for that extra advertising push.  A sandwich board in Calgary is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor advertising. High quality sandwich boards are used by real estate agents, restaurants, nail salons, community centers and others, to pass along information, announce an upcoming program or advertise a service.

Sandwich Board Signs,  A-Frames, Tent Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Hinge Sign Holders, and Sandwich Signs.

These are the names that have been used interchangeably for these signs but there can be differences in these signs, how they are used and what they are made of.  Materials can range from wood, crezone, plastic, coroplast, and metal.  Sandwich signs can be built as a-frames and utilize interchangeable faces.  Sandwich signs can be simple vinyl cut one colour text, full digital printed images, reflective printed, or even writable.  Sizes and shapes can vary just as much.  We hope to have laid out these differences, common signs and ideas to help you choose what is best for you.

If you are in the market to get these types of signs, why not choose the best priced Sandwich Board Signs in Calgary.