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Architechural Sign Letters

Reception 3D Architectural Signs, Letters & Logos

3D dimensional wall letters / logos is one of the best ways to build your brand in your own place of work.  This gives your business identity that can be appreciated by clients and employees.

There are many different materials and techniques that are used to create these great signs.



IMG_7456Method 1: Clear Plexi letters with coloured back.

The “CONDOR” sign that is displayed on top is an example of 1/4″ clear plexi.  The colour that you see is applied to the back of the letters.  So when you see the colour, you are seeing it through the plexi.  This gives depth and a shinny gloss to the sign as it reflects some of the ambient light in the room.  These signs are usually flush mounted with double sided tape to the back of reception walls.




Method 2: The brushed metal look, silver or gold

PS Artis 3D Letters Reception


Brushed aluminum letters can be made from aluminum, but are often made from over-laminates that look great, lighter weight, and less expensive that actual aluminum or steel.  Actual metals have there place, it is usually outdoors where it needs to be tough against the elements.  Indoors, our other materials such as die bond, foam core, octolux, and vinyls all have the elegant look many companies are seeking.





Method 3: Solid Colours, gloss or matte

Sometimes simple makes a bigger impact.  One of my favourites, is one of the simplest.


Tip: Less is more; often clients may gravitate to a thicker material but this can be a mistake when there are many small letters and shapes involved and a thick material may become overwhelming in an interior space.

Office / Reception / Lobby Signs

Average Range

$500 - $1500.00

We wish we could give more specific pricing.  Give us a  call and we would love to help you with your signage.  Many factors are to be considered when pricing out lobby signage.

Such as:

  • Materials
  • Thickness
  • Dimensions
  • Complexity
  • Number of Pieces

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