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Glass & Plexi Plaques 

Stand off plaques are sleek and versatile.  One great benefit of these is that they can be moved to a different location with relative ease.  Classic metal stand off hardware are used to mount these signs to the walls.  Uses for these can be displaying photos or images, way finding, corporate branding, and more.  Materials are usually clear plexi but can also be glass or even a non transparent material such as metal.


Method 1: Vinyl letters applied to the face of plexi or glass panel.

Method 2: Graphic image applied to the back of the plexi or glass giving a elegant depth to the signage.

Method 3: 3D letters applied to the plexi or glass panel.


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Office / Reception / Lobby Signs

Average Range

$500 - $1500.00

We wish we could give more specific pricing.  Give us a  call and we would love to help you with your signage.  Many factors are to be considered when pricing out lobby signage.

Such as:

  • Materials
  • Thickness
  • Dimensions
  • Complexity
  • Number of Pieces