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Presta feature glass 3d letter signs

Reception Signs are the first impression that your customer will see of your company. What impression are you going for? Weather it be “corporate and trendy”, “old school”, or “neat and tidy” we have the ability to create it all!

Dimensional Letters & Glass Plaques

All of our dimensional lettering and graphic options are suited to fit your logo, color, shape, and brand. They are available in metal, plastic or high-density foam – which come in different thicknesses. The letterings have the option to be installed directly to the wall, or be attached to a back mount, which is then installed to the wall.

Window Privacy Films

Also called etch film, this long-lasting material gives the appearance of frosted/etched glass to windows, mirrors and doors, while still allowing natural light into the room. Weather you are looking for privacy, or just want to update an interior, there is no better material than frosted gloss film.

We have built Lobby / Reception Signs in Calgary for many years.  We realize that our reception signage are customers first impressions of your business, making these signs very important.  We make our signs from many different materials and use many different techniques and bring many different styles.


IMG_7456Glass & Plexi Plaques 

Stand off plaques are sleek and versatile.  One great benefit of these is that they can be moved to a different location with relative ease.  Classic metal stand off hardware are used to mount these signs to the walls.  Uses for these can be displaying photos or images, way finding, corporate branding, and more.  Materials are usually clear plexi but can also be glass or even a non transparent material such as metal.

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