Non-Illuminated Dimensional Letters

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Non-illuminated Dimensional Letters

Non-illuminated Dimensional Letters are a elegant,classy, inexpensive why to identify your shop or place of business.  We install on all fascias, all walls, indoors and outdoors.  Many looks such as brushed aluminum, gold, and a rainbow of colours in a rainfall of textures.

Flush Mount or Stand offs

Stand off is a method in which we place a spacer in-between the letter and the fascia .  In this case a larger amount of pins are required to mount letters securely.  Where as flush mount is when the letter is flat against the wall and don’t always require pins and drilling into the all.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic Letters are durable and light weight.   It is available in a number of thickness, and colours.  Colours and textures can also be achieved by applying over laminate over top of the plexi or a printed or pre-coloured vinyl film on top.

Aluminum Letters

Aluminum is a  relatively light weight material yet very strong and long lasting.  Brushed aluminum letters are popular since they are stung yet very contemporary.  These letters can also be powder-coated to give specific colours that are bold and lasts.



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