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Illuminated Channel Letters

Channel lettering are available in a limitless range of fonts, shapes, and colours.  Each individual letter is internally illuminated by LED modules and has a translucent acrylic face mounted on the front of the letter to ensure that it has consistent illumination across the sign front surface.  Channel letters are typically mounted directly to fascia, or on a raceway.

Small LED that puts out big light with little energy consumption, and last sometimes 10x than conventional illumination.  This is the future of signage.  No more high energy costs, high maintenance cost, just light.

There are several methods to illumination:

  1. Backlite is when LEDs are installed inside the letters facing outward though the plexi face.  This illuminates the face of the letters and is most common.
  2. Halo-lite is when the LEDs that are inside the letters face backwards away from the face and street and towards the fascia wall.  The light reflects off the fascia to create a glow around the signage letters.  (“The Sentry Box” sign above is an example of this)
  3. Back-lite & Halo Lite is when we do the best of both worlds.  (Ex. “Murdawg” Signage)



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