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Non-illuminated Fascia Sign & Sign Frames

Non-illuminated facia sign is a quick inexpensive way for you to identify your space.  But it doesn’t need to be boring.  With digital prints, choosing the proper colour, and a creative design; your signs will be worthy of your business dreams.   These types of signs can be made from a variety of substrates.  

Relatively inexpensive and an effective way of advertising, one of the most common is a sign frame with a interchangeable plexi insert.  This is a landlord friendly sign because any change of tenant only requires a new plexi graphic insert.  Frame stays and there for no continuous damage to the front exterior fascia.

Signs don’t have to be confined to a frame.  There are different methods, and different substrates to choose from.  Aluminum paneling, crezon, plexi to name a few kinds of backings.  Attached to the fascia, we can make signs big, bold, and beautiful.





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