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Fascia Signage is any sign that is located in the fascia area being under the roof edge of your store / building.  There are many great effective options that can fit any budget.  Architectural 3D letters, fascia board signs, illuminated channel letters, sign boxes and more.  Let’s get creative and make a great first impression for you and your establishment!


Fascia signage would include channel letters, lightboxes, and frames; which are attached to an exterior wall. These high-impact fixtures are made out of the highest quality materials, including long-lasting LED diodes for our lighted signs.

Channel Letters

These are available in a limitless range of fonts and colors. Each individual letter is internally illuminated by LED modules and has a translucent acrylic face mounted on the front of the letter to ensure that it has consistent illumination across its front surface.

Lightbox Signs

These are another great way to make your advertising message capture attention, with the advertisement being fully-illuminated. We use a premium 3M translucent adhesive film, which allows the vinyl to illuminate beautifully when lit from behind.

Fascia Frame

This type of sign has either plexy glass or dibond with vinyl lettering attached. It then has a metal frame placed around it. This is a relatively inexpensive and very effective way of advertising.

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