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Sometimes advertising needs to be outside, exposed to the elements of wind, rain, UV Sunlight – all which can have an impact on printed images.  Then sometimes when we look at our work, we come to the conclusion that it doesn’t.  Well, we know it does, but there are ways to make your banner last way past it’s expiry date.  Thats what we do!

  • We print on tear resistant scrim banner material.
  • Printing with OEM Roland Eco Sol Max Inks
  • We use heat welding to hem the edges of your banner, much stronger & longer lasting than conventional double sided tape.
  • Grommets that are installed on the reenforced hemmed edges of our banners, and quadruple reinforced on the corners.
  • Proper Installation, when possible attach banner to backing such as a building so wind can not blow it as a sail.  If that is not possible such as bridge banners ensure that all grommets are used to secure banner and wind holes are used.  (Half moon cuts into banner that allow wind to blow though when windy)  Or use mesh banner material which has perforation to allow even wind flow.

We have new banner making machines and with that new lower prices for the best quality banners on the market, and our prices can’t be beat! Call us today for a free quote. 403-516-6000

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