Interior Banners


Hanging banners

Hanging banners

Interior Banners – Single & Double Sided

Printing high quality banners for interior use can make a huge impact in ones space.  Creating high quality banners is why our customers choose us.  There are particular and different banner media type that is chosen for quality printing.  This material is light weight, super smooth, and allows a very even accurate print layering.  The results are high resolution, creating great looking images.  The example of the banner to the right is one that we printed in 2011 in our printing shop here in Calgary – approx. 3 years from the time this photo was taken and these words written.  The banner continues to lay straight and flat with no curling of any edges which is a problem with many other banners.  This banner is held with elegant clamp rods on both top and bottom and looks as good as the day it rolled out the printer.

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