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Bridge Banners Calgary

Canada’s 1st Choice for Bridge Banners

In Calgary, many organizations, events, and social gatherings have the opportunity to utilize bridge banners.  This is a very effective form of advertising with minimal cost and reaching thousands of people per day.

We are able to design your banner in a way that each year you can change the dates without buying a new banner.  This keeps your costs low but your gains high.  It also keeps excess banners out of our landfills.

We use a high quality 3M tear resistant banner material. The prints are bold and eye catching –  Easily able to grab the attention of drivers going 80 km/h, in those few valuable seconds!

We have new banner making machines and with that new lower prices for the best quality banners on the market, and our prices can’t be beat! Call us today for a free quote. 403-516-6000

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