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Indoor / Outdoor Banners For Canada Printed Right Here in Calgary


We offer a variety of different types of high-quality banners for your business.  Whether you need to cover a fence,


promote your event on the side of a bridge, or drive traffic to your

tradeshow booth, we have the right banner for the job!


 Happy Birthday Banners are a great hit too!

Our Happy Birthday Banners are designed to be reused, year after year and changeable for different birthday boys and girls.

This is because we digitally print out the main graphics of the banner, but we add the name and / or “years old” afterwards overtop.  This is done via a layer of vinyl cut to the desired text overtop.  This can be removed to add different text as required.  The ideal size for most garage doors being 16ft wide is our 15ft x 3ft Tear Resistant Banner.  This is a high gloss banner material, reinforced edges and grommeted.  This makes it easy to install.  Using 6 little screw hooks and 6 ball bungie cords, this can be put up easily in a matter of minutes.  Your kids will appreciate the big deal there party becomes and it make is easy for your guest to find you.

(My little guy thought is was pretty cool)

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