Jackson At 3M Training

3M-vinyl-Sign-Installer-TrainingTraining presents the prime opportunity to expand the skill and knowledge. This is very important and often overlooked in the signage industry, we have found it an essential part of giving our customers quality of product which lasts.  Jackson was excited to attend the 3M vinyl installer training this week; Which consisted of information filled classroom lectures and learning the importance of media selection  which is often overlooked to save a few dollars by using a cheaper material.   This we feel would work against the company and the customer, as not using the right material causes the install to take longer with more difficult obstacles to overcome. This affects the customer because it won’t look as good or last as long.    Vehicle preparation is often missed as well.  Sometime because of laziness, sometimes ignorance.  After 3M training, the vitalness of this step is made crystal clear.

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