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Let’s get the party started.  But first you have to invite the whole city.  Festival Announcement Banners are the best way to get your message out there.  Thousands of people will view your invitation for weeks.  The cost of a single banner compared to the impressions received is un-matched by another form of advertising, even vehicle wraps.  Many cities, including Calgary encourage and support many community events like this to build city moral, hence charging little to nothing to place your bridge banners across the city.

There are a few tips that will make your banners produce the maximum impact, and

1. Bridge Banners Need Bright Colours

Drivers and passengers will often filter signs out.  And at highway speeds lowers the chances that they will see your signs.  Bright colours will draw the eye from far away.  Smart graphic design will accomplish this goal.

2.Bridge Banners Needs To Be Easy To Read

Use contrast colours to s eparate your text from the background.  If you have a hello background, perhaps use black letters that will stand out.  Do not use a light blue on a white background or blue on a black background.  This may seem simple, but is often done.  Perhaps what is visualized on a computer screen does not have the same effect on actual printed banners.

Avoid script thin fonts – Use bold fonts.  Many will sacrifice good readability for  a pretty design.  The point here is to communicate the important information such as the Event, Location, and Dates

3.Bridge Banners Are Budget Friendly

With the above tips, chances are your event will be a hit.  So let the hits keep on coming, every year.  But instead of buying a new banners every year, why can’t you just use the ones you have.  We make that possible by making the dates and location (if needed) changeable.  We usually digitally print all banners and for festival bridge banners we do as well except for the dates.  Those we apply separately with a second removable layer of vinyl .  this goes the same for location and sponsors if needed.  So every year all we change are the bits needed.  And with our robust banner material and edge hemming reinforcements with grommets, your initial investment will last years and years.


City Of Calgary Specific Bridge Banners:

Banner over roadway permit
Promotional Banner
Procedures for installing advertising banners
The City of Calgary will consider the installation of promotional banners attached to City owned structures over roadways provided that they meet the following criteria.
The banner must be promoting a non-profit, charitable cause or public event.
Requests must be made to the Traffic Division a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of four months, prior to the desired installation date.
The applicant must provide:
A certificate of insurance with two million dollars of liability insurance and a 30 day cancellation clause, naming the City of Calgary as additional insured for the period that the banners will be displayed.
A current Government of Alberta Corporation non-profit search document which is available from your local corporate registry.
A scaled detail drawing conforming to the design requirements.
All required information should be submitted through ePermits or emailed to Incomplete applications will be declined.
Once a banner location is confirmed, a non-refundable, administrative fee of $25 plus GST will be charged. Payment can be paid in person by cash or credit card.
Banner design requirements
The request must contain a scaled detailed design pdf drawing showing the exact dimensions, artwork, the material and fastening method to be used, and wording complete with font size.
Maximum banner size is 1 m x 10 m.
The permit number must be placed on the lower right hand side of the back of each banner.
A maximum of 15 per cent of the front of the banner may be used by a third party sponsor.
Minimum font size
​Banner Style ​Title minimum font size All other text minimum font size​
A​ 305 mm / 12 in​ 255 mm / 10 in​
B​ 355 mm / 14 in​ 300 mm / 12 in​

Construction material
Banners must be constructed of a sturdy fabric type material with perforations to minimize wind loading.
Banner fasteners must be light plastic coated cable (minimum diameter 1/8 in / 3 mm) and cable clamps, threaded through grommets in the banner and woven around the hand railings on the structure.
Banner locations
Banner locations are subject to availability. A maximum of eight banners per applicant, per year, will be allowed.

See the structure locations.
Banner installation
All banners must be installed according to the design requirements by a minimum of two adults.
Installers can not park or stop vehicles on structures to hang the banners.
The maximum period that a banner can be displayed is two weeks. Banners permits will be issued from Sunday to Saturday in two week increments.
Banners must be removed by 5 p.m. Saturday. Failure to remove banners on by the end of the permit term may result in refusal of future requests.

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