Environmental Responsibility

Being true to our values to have a positive impact on our world, we have to pay attention to the ways that we have a negative impact on our world and minimize it as much as possible.

I will be honest, the signage and graphic industry are not easy on our planet with may petroleum based products filling the land fill.
At Dream Image Signs we are always looking for ways in which we can insure a healthy planet for our kids.
  •  3M has introduced a new product for vehicle wraps called IJ480.  This, unlike its predecessors will decompose in landfills.
  • Our banner stands use a non PVC banner that will breakdown.
  • We always carry fabric to be used when it can substitute a PVC based banner.
  • Our old electronics are taken to the staples recycling program.
  • We have heard of some practices in the industry where leftover ink is being drained down our sewage.  We can promise that we do not do this, and we take our left over bad inks to a proper disposal unit at a near by  fire station.
  • Not only is the ink disposed of properly, but we also spend approx. $40 to ship our empty ink cartridges to the Roland recycling program in vancouver.
  • We weekly drop off our cardboard boxes out to the city’s recycling programs in certain public parking lots.
  • Mark, our graphic designer, is always keeping an eye on our garbage bins for anything that is recyclable will go into a dedicated bin, which he drives to a recycling depot on his own weekly, along with his personal recycling from home.
  • We have a storage of off cut vinyl pieces that we try to reuse or give away instead of ending up in the landfill.

If you are in need of 54″ wide rolls of paper, we encourage you to let us know.  Unfortunately, the backing of our laminate has a waxy film, and because of this it is not accepted at recycling depots.  If you have an arts-and-crafts project, or could use this material for something else, we would love to give it to you!