Our Commitment to Quality



“You won’t be disappointed with the best.”

This is something that often goes through my head when choosing a product.  I do my research, compare brands, features, and so on and make a confident decision.  We are happy to pass our knowledge and recommendations to you.  Allows us to help you with your research when choosing new signage and graphics.

A few years back, a rep from one of our vendors came to us and showed us this new perforated vinyl for car window graphics.  I was told many sign and graphic companies switched over to this product as it was a third of the price of what I was using.  I started to try it out thinking if it was good for these other large sign companies it was probably good enough for our modest outfit.  Now usually due to the nature of perforated window film, it’s expected life is 6 months to a year (though I have seen some of our applications last up to 3.)  But when 3 of the last 5 vehicles had trouble in the first month.  I switched back to 3M view thru vinyl.  More expensive but it comes with great looking long lasting graphics and happy customers.

One last thing on perf window vinyl that you should know, unless it is to be a temporary window advertising and will be removed in a couple of weeks.  Don’t be temped to save money by opting out of the optically clear over-laminated.  This will save you from much grief.  If it is not laminated; when it rains, water droplets will collection within the view through holes and make it very difficult to see through.  Also, if your at the gas station and want to do a quick squeegee of the windows, it will only cake dirt and grime in those holes.

Roberto Gomez – Owner