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Make a Difference, and Have an Adventure.  That was the goal.

The History of Dream Image Signs
by Roberto Gomez

In 2004, I lost my job as a manager in the telecommunication industry. It was a humbling and sobering experience to know that I didn’t have as much control of my career as I thought. I was in unknown territory, on my own with bills to pay and feeling rejected from a company I aspired to do great things with.

Some of the great things that I had wanted to do, I knew could not happen where I was; this new freedom was an opportunity to make a difference where the only thing in my way was and is myself.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to have a business, even if it was as boring as selling pencils, what an adventure it would be!

My second thing that I had a heart for, if not more than the first, is my passion for kids. I truly believe that all kids should experience life as intended. Fun, Loved, and Happy. I believe in many ways, kids are able to teach us how to live.

My wife Nicole and I have always (in one way or another) supported children groups such as a volunteer position in College, Kids Church, Drama Classes, , and plays, big brother, In the Neighborhood, Foster kids, and more.

So it makes sense to bring these values into Dream Image Signs.

We chose to give to Compassion Canada at the start of the company and today have 13 kids that we’ve sponsored through this organization.

Dream Image Signs started in a small home office for design, and printing / manufacturing occurring from my parent’s basement, that live on a farm near Strathmore. These were Humbling beginnings, and terrible commuting from design location to printing location. Within a year, Dream Image Signs moved to my basement where it stayed for the next 3 years. I was able to print days and night at my wife’s disapproval. Vehicle graphics were difficult to do if the weather did not cooperate and these were on the increase. We knew we had for find somewhere with a bay to drive vehicles into.

In 2008, we moved into our current building that I am most grateful for. It is clean, well organized and has a bay for all the vehicles we install graphics on.


Our Awesome Team

  • Roberto Gomez
  • My wife, Nicole – Financial
  • Kayla – Office Manager, Quotes, Reception
  • Mark O – Design & Printing
  • Mark J – Prep & Installation
  • Dillan – A Great Helper

Thank you for reading a bit about us, we’d love to get to know you.

Roberto Gomez – Owner

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